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Hello, We ARE


and yes it’s black history month!


Black Mental health matters

Lambeth has the highest number of Black people accessing mental health services in the UK. Black Thrive was created to initiate the system change required to see Black residents thrive across the borough.

Featured Event

Black Thrive’s CAPSA team are inviting the community to participate in helping them shape a service that is culturally appropriate for us.

Join us for one of our sessions!



Black Thrive supports the mental wellbeing of every part of the community. See what work we’ve done and how you can get involved.

Events Page

Black Thrive works hard to find you some of the best activities on offer in the borough and across the capital. Also, this is where we mainly advertise our own events. 


Jobs for the community

We often get roles sent to us from organisations looking to boost there employment numbers. It’s also where you can find volunteering roles. 

Lambeth Made Safer

Find out want Black Thrive is doing to make Lambeth a safer place to live for young people.  

Video Archive

Discover some of the stories Black Thrive has captured from across the borough of Lambeth.

Employment Project

Discover our brilliant initiative to address employment and people who live with long term conditions.

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Our website is the central place for everything Black Thrive but we are using social media to get our messages out there. Please follow and subscribe where possible.

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The Black Thrive partnership produces a monthly e-newsletter that gets delivered directly to your e-mail inbox. 

Find out what we are doing in the borough month by month and all the fantastic ways you can get involved with the team and other projects.

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Black Thrive is an independent partnership of Lambeth community and services. To conserve resource, its staff team is hosted by HealthWatch Lambeth - Registered Charity No 1153444 | Registered Company No 08430436

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