Although we are only at the start of our journey with Black Thrive and have a long way to go before we can show impact, there is a plan in place to ensure we are assessing our own efficacy and driving forward with a culture of learning and constant improvement. 

To do this, Black Thrive has appointed an independent evaluator to assess the efficacy of the initiative in achieving its goals and outcomes, and the impact on the wider system and community approach to mental health within black communities.

The objectives of the evaluation are to demonstrate:

  1. What has been achieved? Has Lambeth seen any improvement in specified outcomes for black populations? Are these improvements significant and long-lasting?
  2. Why has change been achieved? To what extent has the Black Thrive contributed to achieving these outcomes? What other factors have contributed?
  3. How effective are the processes and model used? What components are critical to its success? How effective has the Collective Impact model been?

The independent evaluation partner will work closely with the Shared Measurement System (SMS) Group, the Evaluation Advisory Committee and the wider Black Thrive community to ensure all evaluation activities are rooted in Black Thrive's learning & improvement needs and are informed by the community.