One of the biggest ever surveys on race in the workplace found that black people are more likely to experience racism or bullying. A report also found that UK workplaces are less comfortable talking about race than they are about age and gender. Navigating within traditionally white spheres is something that presents itself as a struggle for black professionals. This event will uncover how workplace culture has created struggles in the workplace and how we can work to challenge them.

We will discuss topics relating to:

  • tips on building social capital
  • how to deal with trying to fit into many people’s standards of professionalism
  • Why are there not more Black-owned businesses within the professional sphere to combat discriminatory recruitment
  • addressing the difficulties getting Black mentors

Panellists on the night include:

Damien Kent- (Solicitor) Became the first ever Trainee Solicitor for Channel 5

Glyn Aikins –A&R Director with a career stretching back over 15 years. Made his name signing acts such as So Solid Crew, Artful Dodger and Craig David. Now responsible for A&R at one of the UK’s leading labels, he has played a key part in discovering and breaking a new wave of UK urban talent

Sheryl Nwosu –Sheryl is a barrister practising from one of the largest specialist criminal sets in the country. Called to the Bar in 2000 and gaining a tenancy in her first set of Chambers in early 2001 she then built up a busy practice at the Bar both defending and prosecuting in the full catalogue of criminal cases

Lin Mei – Social Activist and BAME Officer for the Labour Party (Tottenham)

Robert Robinson - Managing Director for ReelVIP and HMPTV