Black History Walks presents a special African Odysseys community screening of the eagerly anticipated Black Panther movie with a panel of experts to discuss the history, impact and future of this and other African superheroes. Feel free to cosplay (dress as your favourite superhero) and/or wear traditional clothing. Bring your friends and family along to watch this groundbreaking film about a Black superhero, warrior, king set in Africa. The 600 seat venue has an enormous screen and is 5 mins from Stepney Green tube on the District line. Our high powered panel for this celebratory and unique Sunday includes:

Terry Jervis has an extensive history in the comic-book business. Apart from being a collector, and helping to create the first British comic-book price guide, he has worked with industry giants Marvel and Warner/DC Comics and was based in Hollywood and London. He is in media production and is the CEO of Jervis Entertainment Media Ltd (JEM) . In 2009 he initiated a social engagement programme with Marvel (using characters such as Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron-Man, Fantastic Four and X-Men) to help create comics and integrated media which address literacy, social issues and instill values in young people. Terry was a keen supporter (and friend of) Reginald Hudlin who produced the animated 2010 Black Panther TV series. Terry is about to release his own black superhero series Spirit of the Pharaoh in graphic novel and animated versions.

Dr Michelle Asantewa holds a PhD in literature and co-presents the Amazing James Baldwin course as well as the Black Women's Resistance Leaders course She also lectures on African/Caribbean spiritual practices. Orishas as found in West Africa/Brazil as well ancient Egyptian goddesses feature in the Black Panther graphic novel stories as do women warriors.

Tony Warner is the creator of African Superheroes Day recently featured on BBC Affrca and founder of Black History Walks.. He is also the presenter of movie breakdowns on Black Panther, Captain America, X Men, Superman and Call of Duty

N.B Only adult tickets available from Eventbbrite. Adult and child tickets available here