The tour looks at why they are there, what they meant in their time and what they mean to us today. Watch a review here. We will cover:

  • African Kings and Queens
  • The Moor’s head
  • Musicians and Entertainers
  • Faces in a crowd
  • Artists
  • Servants and slaves

To prevent overcrowding meet point is emailed after booking. Walk last 2 hours Watch review here .Private group bookings staff groups, birthdays possible. Email [email protected]

• 50 Years since the police murder of David Oluwale
• 50 years since MLK was assassinated
• 60 Years since the Notting Hill Racist Riots
• 60 years since the establishment of the West Indian Standing Conference
• 70 years of Windrush
• 100 years of Women having the vote

Events for 2018 in recognition of the above by Black History Walks listed here