Making Gaming Fun For Everyone!

Despite a rich mix of people who play games, the narrative around gaming can carry a negative perception. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Gaming today is more inclusive than ever. Men, women, and families from different cultural backgrounds all enjoy video games. There are fewer physical spaces for these groups to come together and share their passion.

Lao And Nigel - mayamada

We’re Nigel and Lao, mayamada co-founders and organisers of GamePad, a social gaming event promoting fun and inclusion in gaming.

With today’s focus being on online gaming we believe playing together in the same space is something that has been lost over generations. We are bringing social gaming back along with all the benefits – GamePad was born.

With gaming at the centre, GamePad is an inviting inclusive social experience. GamePad takes place across various London boroughs. We get young people involved in a positive social activity that helps fight isolation and develop key social skills through work experience, opening pathways for future employment opportunities.

This experience is happening at our Town Hall. How fantastic is this?

Black Thrive Gamers.... Assemble.