Our distinguished panellists include:

Eric Huntley - Pioneering Activist and Radical Publisher

Along with Mrs Jessica Huntley, Mr Eric Huntley has undoubtedly been instrumental in ensuring that the transnational Black Radical Tradition has been robustly enshrined in the intellectual, political and artistic fabric of Black British society.

When migrating to London during the late 1950s, the Huntleys were restless in their pursuit for the empowerment of Black people and the elimination of social and political inequalities. They participated in, and were the founding members of, many grassroots community organisations such as: the Caribbean Education and Community Workers Association, the Black Parents Movement and the West Indian Students' Centre. They were also responsible for the establishment of many supplementary schools for Black students around London (a movement that was given impetus by Bernard Coard's How the West Indian Child is Made Educationally Subnormal in the British School System).

Most notably, however, was the Huntleys' contribution to the publishing and writing industries. In 1968, following their successful publication of Walter Rodney's Groundings with my Brothers, the Huntleys founded Bogle-L’Ouverture Publications, which was responsible for the publication of seminal texts such as: Walter Rodney's How Europe Underdeveloped Africa; Linton Kwesi Johnson's Dread Beat An' Blood; and Valerie Bloom's Touch Mi, Tell Mi. In 1974 the Huntley’s opened their bookshop, at that time called The Bookshop, in West Ealing, London. The bookshop was later renamed as the Walter Rodney Bookshop and it quickly became a cultural place of importance for Britain’s Black community.

Yvette Henry - Creator of BLVCK CANVAS TV

BLVCK CANVAS is a brand-new platform that aims to explore the various life experiences that impact Black culture worldwide. With a cast led by Black-British women, they are brutally honest and share unique perspectives on topics ranging from health and wellbeing, relationship, society and popular culture. They set the perfect canvas for unfiltered opinions to spark conversation and raise awareness online.

Lavinya Stennett - Interdisciplinary Artist and Founder of the Art and African Mind Society at SOAS

As well as being a proactive and thoughtful student at the highly regarded SOAS University of London, Lavinya is an incisive writer and community organiser. In addition to being published in the Huffington Post UK, she is also responsible for the founding of the Art and African Mind Society at SOAS. This is a student society that specialises in promoting the works of artists in all forms; as well as creating workshops and events for the purpose of highlighting the vastness of African talent.

Naomi Simon - Co-Founder of Byooti and 20Something Podcast

Naomi is a forward-thinking millennial. She co-founded Byooti with her sister at the age of 25 and she co-founded 20Something Podcast, a podcast that specifically caters for the Black British millennial. Her main project, Byooti, is an online and pop-up shop that focuses on the holistic provision of healthy hair care and general cosmetics for Black people. Byooti is predicated on providing a high-quality and comprehensive service to the unique physicality of Blackness. As a social enterprise, Byooti also provides monetary support towards the provision of supplementary education to children of African descent.

Kimba - Spoken Word Artist, Musician and Philanthropist

The multifaceted Kimba has coined a useful term to provide an overview as to what he does: being an Artepreneur. As a poet, musician, writer and performer, Kimba has successfully cultivated his talents to trenchantly express his empowering narrative to many parts of wider society. In addition to working with schools, charities and corporations, he has worked with the Victoria and Albert Museum, Cancer Research UK, Wanderlust UK and many local authorities. He has also released two hip hop albums which have received praise from renowned musicians such as Chuck D from Public Enemy, DJ Premier and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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