How powerful is black music? Is it true that rock & roll, gospel, blues, jazz, country and even classical music originated with black people? How has black music influenced fashion, films, dance, language and youth culture worldwide? Why has reggae in particular, had a huge impact on all popular music genres in the UK?

What is it about black music in general, that brings everyone together; no matter what race, creed or colour? Is there a science behind this phenomena? And did the greats (like Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, Prince and James Brown) know this science?

In this mind-blowing presentation we will delve deep into the hidden secrets of what makes us feel so good when we hear our favourite songs. Come and see what is actually going on in the brain when music is being played. Explore with us why drums were used to communicate in early Africa. And learn about the mathematical language of music. Join us for a celebration of black culture and identity. THIS EVENT IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • The History of Black Music

  • The Universal Power of Black Music

  • African Drums Used For Communication

  • Reggae’s Influence on UK Culture

  • Cultural Appropriation

  • The Love Frequency in Music

  • The Healing Rhythm of Nature

  • High Vibrational Foods

  • How Music Affects Water

  • The Link Between Music and Maths

  • How Music Affects Brainwaves

  • How Melanin Absorbs Sound Waves

PLUS MUCH MORE! African Market On-Site

Keynote Speakers include:

ANDREW MUHAMMAD - The Investigator
ROBIN WALKER - The Black History Man
LEON MARSHALL - The Scientist
SHAKARA - The Host

Plus MANY Special Guests including: