The UK Government spin on the current Spotlight on Immigration is that this was occasioned by an administrative error - notin’ neva ga so! For decades many of us know first-hand of the deliberate - Targeting, Terrorising & Traumatizing of Afrikan peoples. Our Panel will assert that there was no administrative mistake; there was policy and the creation of a hostile environment was written into that policy. They will also debunk the UK Government myths:

·      That ‘Windrush Generation’ refers to Afrikan Caribbean people who entered the UK as minors between 1948 and 1971. They will also look at where Windrush starts and end, since children, grandchildren… of the so-called ‘Windrush Generation’ are being impacted.
·      That the Government speaks with fork-tongue claiming in one breath how sorry it is for their deliberate-error whilst maintaining that their hostile environment is seeking to flush out illegal migration; again either deliberately conflating issues of legality and illegality or failing to differentiate between illegal immigration and people who have a right to be in this country and remain in this country if they choose so to do.
·      That t he ‘Windrush Generation’ have a legal right to be here and needs no amnesty. Amnesty is approved for those who have been found guilty of breaking the law and since those in question have broken no laws they do not require amnesty. Their right to be and remain here already exist.
It’s said those who feel it knows it and many of us are feeling the tremendous terror, devastation, humiliation, dishonour … experienced by the many detained in Immigration Centres, deported, lost jobs and livelihood, denied access to NHS services, evicted and lost homes … And the many who experienced and continue to experience London Boroughs Housing Departments/etc, Employers, Hospitals, Police and such, as pseudo ‘Home Office’.
This is genocide. We commiserate with those suffering mental-health breakdown consequentially. And we extend heartfelt condolences to those who, consequentially, lost loved ones.
One Minister said, “the government should also provide compensation for loss and hurt” and the Govern promised a new compensation scheme for those affected by the issue.
But are we Afrikans precariously being informed by the hunters’ narratives, his media etc? If yes, what must we commit to do to empower and effect change? Do we have an obligation to strengthen and intensify our doing-for-self in the knowing that Governments will do us no favours.  
Date: Friday, 11th May 2018
Time: Prompt Start @ 7.00pm [Doors Open 6.30PM]
Venue: 336 Brixton Road, London SW9 7DA (over from Max Roach Park) DISABLED ACCESS
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