Black Thrive Working Group Manager

Are you passionate about helping African and Caribbean communities in Lambeth thrive? Black Thrive aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of Lambeth’s black communities. Read more

Public Health Specialist – Mental Health & Wellbeing

Do you have an interest in mental health and wellbeing?Read more


The Mind Cafe continues with the Road Show of Empowerment Workshops on Mental and Emotional Health for Service Users, their Families, Friends and Professionals.Read more

Kindred Minds BME Therapies Pop-In

Kindred Minds is a service user led BME peer support group network that brings together mental health service users from different Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities with a focus on mutuality, shared learning and friendship.Read more


Have you ever been in a position when you aren’t sure what to say if someone starts talking about death, and about harming themselves?Read more

Black Films and White Power: 10 Years of African Odysseys

Black Films and White Power: The African Odysseys story To highlight the ten-year history of the African Odysseys film programme, we review facts and figures as to why Black films have a hard time being produced, distributed and screened; and the impact on communities around the world. This will be an in-depth, interactive lecture.Read more

Black Power Women of Brixton, Walk

2018: 70 years of Windrush, 100 years of Women having the vote, 50 years since MLK was assassinated. 60 years since the Notting Hill racist riots, 50 years since the police killing of David OluwaleRead more

1968 Race Relations Act: The legacy and Black Lawyers

In 1968 the Race Relations Act became only the second law (since 1965) to protect the Black population from discrimination. The law itself was not fully comprehensive and only came into effect due to intense lobbying from the African/Caribbean community. In this talk Judge Peter Herbert OBE, founder of the society of Black Lawyers, will review the efficacy and legacy of the law itself as well as tell the history of Black lawyers who have fought for equality.Read more