Hi all, 
We need your help to to see young people take advantage of our New Shoots programme, designed for unemployed 18 - 25 year olds who are looking for support to develop the skills needed to succeed into employment. We support young people in gaining confidence and practical experience before identifying their next steps. We provide 1:1 mentoing following the initial stage of the programme. I have attached the information for referrers along with a flyer for young people and the referral form. There is a job centre reference of KNN24796 on the referrer flyer. 
Please send over a referral form, with contact details for the young person in mind and we will call them. Please note that this is not an animal based course but has the benefit of being based at Vauxhall City Farm, so animal lovers can spend break times chilling with the goats and alpacas if they want to and if they want to go into the animal care industry, they can progress onto work experience at the farm after the initial phase. 
*We reimburse travel and provide lunch during days of the programme.
Please do call if you have any questions on 02075824204, option 4.
Best wishes, 
Naomi & Martin