Why is Black Thrive ' saying Good Morning?

When we launched this some weeks ago we achieved a good number of retweets, thank you’s and even a "good afternoon" which, showed us that Lambeth enjoyed us saying "Good Morning". Black Thrive likes that many of the services within the borough are on our social network threads and loved that the Council retweeted it to its 29K followers!!!!

In the Caribbean, it is quite common to hear and see people wishing each other good morning as they pass on their way to work or school in the early hours. Not necessarily knowing each other but all understanding the impact saying good morning to someone can have and all benefiting from the positive vibration it brings. Black Thrive has decided to take on that same positive energy and bring it to the borough where we find many black people have poor outcomes when using services that really should be there for them.

As you know, Black Thrive is a Black wellbeing partnership created to implement the changes required in our borough to see Black people thrive. With our priorities in place, we have relaunched the working groups and are busy empowering them to take on the work the facilitation team cannot. Black Thrive says good Morning to Lambeth because we want Lambeth to feel the positive vibration we are creating in the borough.

But you can do it too. We are looking for other charities to do the same. We would like for other charities within Lambeth to send a Good Morning out over "LambethLand" because we all know that "some days we have to create our sunshine".

Let's create a borough with a difference.

Contact Communication Lead Sadiki Harris for more information.