Dealing with a mental health diagnosis such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression can be difficult to handle. If a member of the family is living with a mental health diagnosis it can affect the whole family. It’s an unfortunate truth regarding mental health. It affects everyone.

As a family makes changes to deal with the emotions and stresses of someone they care about with a serious mental illness it is important for that family to find sources of support. Mental health issues can cause a person to become isolated as they find it difficult to comprehend the varying internal changes that can happen. A similar isolation can occur once a family starts dealing with a mental health issue. They may find that friends or even relatives may deal with them oddly as news spreads throughout the community that a person is suffering.

The stigmatism that surrounds mental health can sometimes become more damaging than the actual diagnosis itself, support exist to help people manage through but limited support is given to those who don’t understand mental illness and therefore behave negatively towards once they are confronted by the subject.

A parent can look at their child who is struggling with a mental health diagnosis and view them as a failing within their own parenting skills. This parent can become worried about the future of their child and feel bad for worrying but worry all the same. These feelings, thoughts are difficult to have and can stir real emotion but they are normal and it's important for that parent to understand this.

One of the reasons Black Thrive was created was to help change the stigmatism that exists surrounding mental health in the black community. We’d like every person and family dealing with mental health to know they are not alone. Black Thrive is here for them.

Please consider getting in touch with these organisations if you feel you need support or information regarding mental health in Lambeth. Through these organisations, you should meet people who have walked in your shoes, therefore, understand what you are going through.

Additionally, if you need information on different community resources available to you in Lambeth, please click on the Lambeth Community and Services Guide. The guide has a number of connections to community services such as:

  • Couples and relationships
  • Young people
  • Counseling
  • Crisis service
  • Employment and learning
  • Perinatal
  • Bereavement
  • Physical health and disability
  • Abuse and neglect