The death of Sean Rigg prompted the launch of the Black Health and Wellbeing Commission (BHWC) in October 2013, established by the Lambeth Health & Wellbeing Board and led by Lambeth Councillors Ed Davie and Jacqui Dyer.

The commission's findings

The commission’s report, From Surviving to Thriving, summarised evidence from over 150 individuals and a wide range of organisations. The report highlighted 40 recommendations of action agreed upon by various organisations delivering and commissioning mental health services in Lambeth which would improve the way services are designed and delivered. Within these recommendations, there are 3 key themes:

  • Prevention of ill health and promotion of health and wellbeing
  • Access to appropriate services
  • Patient experience

Since the report was published in 2014, a Task and Finish Group was established to in 2015 to review the progress in the borough towards achieving the 40 recommendations of BHWC’s report. Whilst some progress was made in holding local stakeholders to account, it was clear that a sustained effort would be required. More recently, the inquest into the death of Olaseni Lewis has put into question the rate of progress in treatment and support available.