Black Thrive works across these areas to create the systems change that will see Black people thrive in Lambeth. Black Thrive likes to work co-productively, meaning we ensure that the community voice sits at the centre of everything we do.


Learn how we are helping tackle the barriers people with long term health conditions face with regards to employment.

School Exclusions

Learn about what we are doing to help create a Lambeth where no child is excluded.

Lambeth Made Safer

Discover our work helping Lambeth become a safer place for young people. 

Vascular Dementia 

Black Thrive are working closely with other partners to understand what we can do to help.

Mental Health Act (Section 135 & 136)

Black Thrive is working on the pathways to mental health services.


We are working hard to increase the visibility of this community.

Lambeth Redress Scheme

Black Thrive has teamed up with Voice4Change to help get raise awareness of the compensation available to those who were abused in Lambeth Care homes