On Tuesday, 29 August at Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre, we gathered as a full Black Thrive team to further develop our plans for the future. You can find all session materials on this page.  

Our objectives for the evening were:

  • To build relationships and trust across Working Groups
  • To grow our understanding of Black Thrive and what we are collectively trying to do
  • To learn together so we can continue to refine our work plans for the coming year

In addition to committing to the Partnership Principles of Black Thrive for the evening, we also generated a set of norms we wanted to hold ourselves to for the next few months of group work; these included:

  1. Active listening
  2. Open contributions
  3. Stay on topic
  4. Be open to potential/opportunity
  5. Set direction and feed forward

Find a copy of the agenda here. You can see how so many different people contributed to making the event special. A big thank you to everyone that stepped up to co-facilitate/lead sessions and came early or stayed late to help with set-up and take-down. It is wonderful to be a part of a collective effort and always have so many people willing to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. We are all Black Thrive!

You can also access a compilation of all the feedback received during the evening here - we are using this to guide our programming and logistics for the next few months. In summary, even though the room was a bit warm and noisy (we are looking for other venues to accommodate our growing community - please bear with us!), people really appreciated the chance to come together and learn, felt inspired by a brilliant performance by the great spoken-word artist - Benna, and enjoyed some delicious food. 

Feel free to access all materials from sessions using the links in the table below.

Session Title Session Materials for Download Next Steps (To keep to our norms of setting direction and feeding forward)
Introduction of Black Thrive Overview Presentation

1) If you are not familiar with Black Thrive, this overview is a good place to start. Lots of the information it contains is also explained in greater detail across the Black Thrive website.

Overview of all Working Groups

Summary of Working Group ideas for Black Thrive Work Plans

This document also includes a sequence of how we will work over the next few months to set priorities and finalise work plans for 2018. 

1) Please review this summary before attending any upcoming Black Thrive meetings so you are prepared to build on what others have contributed.

2) Sign up early for events in September and October. More information on these events is available below.  As we need to finalise plans, we will be temporarily restricting participation to existing members only - if you have NOT attended a Black Thrive Working Group meeting in the last six months, you will have to wait until Working Group membership re-opens in the Spring of 2018. 

3) The Steering Committee will be reviewing these plans and providing input on them in September and October so Working Groups can take this feedback into account as they refine their activities list. 

Evaluation strategy discussion Presentation on Evaluation

1) All of the feedback provided by these discussions is being collected to inform how Black Thrive will approach its evaluation strategy.

2) We will be having evaluation as an ongoing agenda item for more people to weigh in on plans throughout September and October.

3) An updated strategy document incorporating everyone's feedback will be shared during our November Away Days.

Living Well Network (LWN) Alliance and Black Thrive

LWN Alliance and Black Thrive Opportunities Summary

LWN Alliance Presentation Overview

LWN Alliance Detailed Overview

1) Check back on the events page soon for a discussion being held with LWN providers and Black Thrive.

2) Healthwatch Lambeth and the CCG are working together to plan some community engagement events to help our whole community learn more about the LWN Alliance. We will post information on these events as soon as they are scheduled. 

Designing for social impact and systems change Presentation on Designing for Social Impact and Systems Change 1) Due to lots of demand for this session and since we did not have time explore the group's questions, we will be working with Julian to schedule a longer discussion soon. Please see below for updates on scheduling. 
What do we know from the data? + An update on the Black Thrive Shared Measurement System (SMS) Black Thrive Relevant Data Overview and SMS Update

1) All Black Thrive members should familiarise  themselves with this data overview. 

2) Public Health will continue to lend their expertise to Black Thrive and share additional information with us as it becomes available. 

3) We should all be using this information as we set our priorities for the coming year and create our 2018 Action Plans. 

If you have trouble downloading any of these, please email us at [email protected]

For upcoming Black Thrive Working Group events, please click here