Over the past few month's the Black Thrive Comms team has been working on a series of images to promote the movement.

Our campaign aims to end the stigma associated with mental health which exists within our community. Black Thrive is looking to champion a movement that ensures the conversations regarding mental health first happen in what should be the safest place for anyone who is suffering, their home. 

Please look out for our marketing which will soon be on show through various Lambeth marketing channels. We are also encouraging you to participate by taking selfies and by using the hashtags #ICanThrive and #WeCanThrive. If you are really interested please feel free to get in contact and arrange a day where you can pose with our official Black  Thrive Marketing Boards. Ideally, we want as many people as possible to get behind the campaign.  

Together we will change Lambeth for the better. 

By Black Thrive Comms Team