Black Thrive is a partnership-based, cross-sector approach to deliver system change. It is not intended to offer a specific, singular response to the inequalities existing in the experience by black communities. The response designed has focussed on creating a platform that engages all stakeholders, facilitates dialogue and leads to action in the many different places it will be required. 

Black Thrive will seek to address a number of systemic issues which have contributed to poor mental health outcomes for individuals from black communities to date. The partnership intends to take a ‘holistic’ approach to consider and draw on the experience, knowledge and expertise of people with different perspectives and professions. The proposed response will leverage and coordinate the existing resources in Lambeth to improve the way the entire system supports black communities and black service users.

The response is distinct from previous attempts to address the issue as it recognises both sides, the community and statutory partners, as integral and equal in development, governance and delivering change. Through the structure of the partnership, Black Thrive seeks to effect change at both the strategic and operational levels.

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