What is a Black Thrive Working Group


Black Thrive’s Working Groups are the heartbeat and centre of the work we do.

Members of the community, voluntary and community sector organisations, representatives from the mental health system, local public sector bodies, and the private sector come together in working groups to address particular issues.  The ethos of working groups is based on continuous learning and “co-inquiry” whereby all participants have something to offer and something to learn in their determination to drive progress.

A guiding principle of Black Thrive is to place the community at the heart of addressing structural barriers that prevent Black people from thriving.  This means that nothing is fixed (unless stated as such) and could change to take account of community perspectives and learning. 


They are responsible for designing and implementing actions and ideas that will lead to a reduction in the inequalities experienced by Black people in Lambeth. In order to effectively tackle the mental health inequalities that impact Lambeth’s Black communities, these communities need to be involved in guiding the development, delivery and review of services.

The working groups consist of diverse groups of people who bring the specialist skills and expertise needed in any single project are and this includes

  • People who have direct lived experience of racial inequality within mental health and social care systems,
  • People who care for and support Black people as they manage their wellbeing and access mental health and social care services
  • People who are tasked professionally with delivering health and social care services
  • People with expert subject knowledge in the area, this knowledge includes lived and academic experience

Working Group members work together to make systems level change by identifying, through data, current and emerging issues while sharing advice, solutions and recommendations that reduce mental health inequalities experienced by Lambeth’s Black communities.

Working Group members will attend regular meetings and use their first-hand knowledge of mental well-being and mental health service use to help guide the work of the Black Thrive and partner organisations.  Involvement in a Working Group is approximately half a day’s involvement per month.

Black Thrive currently has working groups across the following priority areas

  • Tackling inequalities in school exclusions
  • Employment and people with long term health conditions
  • Inequality and the Crisis Pathway
  • Dementia


Want to find out more about our Working Groups?

Still, got a few unanswered questions? Get in contact with the Working Group Manager Victoria Cabral who will be willing to answer your questions.